Appearance — Yellow-and-white tabby: yellow eyes, slight figure and on the short side

Gender — Female

Profession — Hustler, Mother

Location — Galata Tower

Traits — Doesn’t give a sh*t, begs, steals, forages, persistent

Nicknames — Yellow, YellowSh*t, The Hustler 


Sari is a yellow tabby who lives at the base of Galata Tower, one of the oldest and best known landmarks in the city. She’s a hustler. She moves with a clear mission: gotta eat, gotta drink, gotta get food. She begs, steals, forages, and gets what she needs. Even though she gets chased away from the square’s cafes and restaurants, she has her allies. One shopkeeper has become her main supporter, giving her chunks of food to take to her kittens. YellowSh*t, as she lovingly calls her because of her persistent character, used to lounge in her shop for hours on end, watching the customers try on clothes. Now that she has kittens, she hustles to feed them and herself.