Appearance — Short-haired, black-and-white, green eyes, walks with an attitude; she’s got a piercing stare and a defiant gait

Gender — Female

Profession — Jealous Housewife, Neighborhood Psychopath

Location — Samatya

Traits — Fierce, doesn’t shy from confrontation, assertive, no bullshit, demands respect

Nicknames — Psycho, Neighborhood Psychopath


She is one tough cookie. A short-haired, black-and-white cat, Psycho lives in one of the oldest parts of town, Samatya, frequently showing up at a tea house that’s tucked behind an old Church. She has earned the respect of the neighborhood vendors, fishermen, and even stray dogs. She fears no one, bullies her spouse, keeps rivals out of her territory and makes even tough guys respect her. She is... the neighborhood psycho.