Appearance — Short-haired, black-and-white, green eyes, hefty figure and sweet eyes

Gender — Male

Profession — Neighborhood Man, Lover, Baker Location: Cihangir

Location — Cihangir

Traits — Vicious claws, sideways stance, boss of his street

Nicknames — Happy-Go-Lucky, Carefree, Player


Don’t be fooled by Gamsiz’s innocent little face. He’s a formidable cat who knows all his human neighbors and what foods he can sneak from whom. His short-haired, black-and-white form is mighty and he's got mad climbing and fighting skills. There’s no tree he can’t climb, no balcony he can’t get to, no human he can’t charm and no cat he can’t take down. It helps that he lives in Cihangir, the original artists’ neighborhood, which is now a cat haven. His ‘humans’ are many but he gets special treatment by a baker and
an actress who love him equally but for different reasons.