Appearance — Grey-and-white - green eyes, a little chunky around the waist but stands with the posture of an aristocrat

Gender — Male

Profession — Foodie, Gentleman

Location — Nişantaşi

Traits — Paws at the window when hungry, never begs or goes inside, demands proper delicatessen, dives in dumpsters

Nicknames — Smokey, Gent, Foodie 


Duman lives in one of the poshest neighborhoods in Istanbul and has somehow made his alliance with the people who run a very fancy delicatessen. He knows better than to march right into the shop, so he waits patiently outside, staring down the waiters until they prepare him meals - frequently of smoked meats and specialty cheeses. His signature pawing of the window to get their attention is a sight the patrons have come to expect even if they’re on serious business lunches. Though with the efforts of the restaurant’s management his previously plump grey and white figure has now leaned, he still forages the dumpsters, proving no matter how fancy a cat may get, he’s still a street cat.